Commissioning a portrait is a great idea for a present for one’s family or friends.

If you wish to order a portrait, you could save time by commissioning a photo-based one. Sending through a photograph off which you would like the portrait to be done will spare you lengthy sessions of sitting.

It’s more. At the early stage of the artist’s work you will have opportunities to use your imagination. Your creative approach to selecting the photo, suggesting extra details or changes to the general ‘look & feel’ of the future portrait is welcome.

Don’t worry if you are short of time for this or have no much wish to do it. Trust the artist. He will do the photo selecting exercise, help you with choosing the best-fit technique to be used and suggest what is to be prioritized when looking for the right photograph.

To order a portrait please contact the artist by telephone or email. Rest assured he will listen to your request and respond to any special wishes you might have about the portrait. He will make sure your requirements are met so the portrait will have the characteristics and emphasis that you expect. Later on the artist may provide you with tips as far as the colour and form of the frame are concerned.

The first thing to do would be to make your choice of the essential parameters you wish your order to be made to.

  1. You can order the portrait either
  • off life (you sit for it as a model);
  • off photographs you would provide;
  • by going through a photo session that the artist carries out.

Should you pick up the option of commissioning your portrait off a photograph, please do make sure it is taken in good lighting, not shaded or fogged, and has a resolution of at least 1600 X 1200.

Obviously, a painted portrait is not about replicating a photograph. It is rather about capturing a human character unveiling his/her inner world. So providing several photographs of the person to be portrayed rather than just one will be very much welcome. You may also indicate in which of the photos the person’s individuality comes across more clearly and add in any information that you believe the artist should take into account when setting about the job.

The artist can also suggest doing a photo session tailored to the intended portrait or doing the portrait off life.

  1. Choosing the technique (painting or drawing)
  • Making a portrait in oil (painting) takes at least 7 days (each layer dries between 5 and 7 days), in average.
  • Making a portrait in watercolor, using soft materials (charcoal, red chalk, pastel) or pencil (drawing).
    A 50×40 cm portrait will take about 2 days to be finished.


  1. Format

For a portrait you intend to place on a wall in a small room or office the recommended size would be 50×40 cm. This size option is best where the portrait is to be enjoyed in a limited area. You can also choose any other size.

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